Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Love, Rosie.

Watched this movie during my exam week. Cerita ni pasal jodoh. If it meant to be it will be. Cerita ni pasal bff yang somehow tak sedar they fall in love with each other. They have their own life and so many obstacles diorang kena tempuhi and at the end happy ending. For me cerita ni sedih. I blh rasa perempuan tu rasa as my bff is a man. How suddenly the bff blh hilang perhatian dkt kita sebab tgh in relationship with other woman. All that heartbroken thing. Actually i watched this movie with my bff. Hahaha. And he admit that movie tu macam kitorang. I agreed but i told him that the ending is so simple. If cerita kitorang sebijik macam movie tu, i told him that it will not easy to be happy. Sebab i rasa all the heartbroken tak senang untuk dipulihkan. It will take time and big effort 😊 anyways, this is a good movie to be watched 👍👍👍

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